Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Brooklyn High-Tech Corridor

There's a strange storefront on Franklin between Park and Sterling, next to the Lily and Fig Bakery and Tea Shop (which is taking an awfully long time to get finished--I wonder if they were a victim of the downturn/crisis/unmitigated economic armageddon). The steel shutter is open only during the day, revealing a big glass window with signs that read "Obama/Biden," "Crown Heights Apartments," and "Pilates," and behind the window sit a series of desks and computers. They've got a line of paintings on a wall visible from the street, a potted plant out front, and occasionally advertise for the Walt L. Shamel Community Garden happenings. What are they, anyway, a community org? Art/graphic design gallery? Public interest research?

Nope--software company. The guys at mSnap work on "mobile texting technology," which is used by radio stations, among others. As the guy behind the desk said when I poked my head through the door "when you hear a radio DJ say 'text your vote to this number,' that's us." They're based out of San Francisco and keep an office in San Diego, too, but their New York office is right down the street. Unexpected, but that's getting to be the norm on Franklin.

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  1. they're good people. this summer they lent their window to information about the fight against Bloomberg making the nearby former Nat'l Guard Armory the only homeless intake shelter in the city (hence the current crop of political advertising). and when the tree in front of their storefront had to be taken down for some reason, I think they replanted one at their own expense.

    as for lily & fig, it's been utterly perplexing since well before our current economic crisis. they've had an online operation for a while, though.