Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sights and Sounds of a Happy Brooklyn

Seen (all over Brooklyn for the past three months): the homespun and official workings of the most spirited political campaign in history. The flyer above is but one of a thousand examples, my favorite of which was a hand-lettered 8.5"x11" stapled to a tree on Brevoort that read "Stoop Sale This Saturday: All Proceeds to Obama."

Heard (in the 24-hour Laundromat on St. John's and Franklin last night): People of all ages, races, and genders nervously discussing CNN while watching for any sign of last-minute shifts or the Bradley effect.

Seen (this morning while running down Franklin to Prospect Park at 8:30 AM): a multicolored train of humanity stretching around three sides of a local elementary school, without a single intimation of impatience.

Heard (on the way back from the same run): Local folks shouting "vote today, vote today!" to no one in particular.

Seen (coming down the steps to the Manhattan-bound 2-3-4-5 platform at Franklin Ave): A red, white and blue fashion show with the ever-present visage of a certain Democratic hopeful.

Heard (while clicking away merrily at my keyboard this instant): the cheers, chants, car horns, and occasional fireworks of a democracy reborn.

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