Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Good news, bad photo

Excuse the shoddy photography, but I felt compelled to document the new sign atop the old laundromat at Park and Franklin, which replaced the one that declared a new laundromat was coming soon. I, for one, will be there all the dang time, though I'll miss the cozy spot up the street a few blocks. However, as crowded as that place was on a Sunday afternoon, I think these guys have gauged demand correctly.

Between, this place, Nairobi's Knapsack (the new kid store/play place--see a rave review here), and the Lily and Fig (if it ever opens), the Franklin Ave retail boom continues. New establishments are also moving further down the avenue, which encourages me in my quest to keep the great new pizza place, A Slice of Brooklyn, up and running. Update on them: they now serve awesome chocolate chip cookies: two big ones for a buck, and they heat them in the pizza oven for a minute to make them soft and make the chocolate gooey. Delicious, I swear to you.


  1. :( Now I worry about the owners of the laundry place that opened on St Marks between Classon and Franklin (tucked in the basement of the JHo, accessible from St Marks) when the predecessor to the above closed. They're nice people, and in such an out-of-the-way location, and with this sort of competition, can they survive?

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  3. Dude, I never knew that place existed, but I checked it out today and it was awesome. Closer to my house than the one I was celebrating above, too. And people tell me blogs are useless.