Saturday, December 20, 2008

A great Friday in Crown Heights

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed this Friday's snowstorm, and baffled my co-workers by sauntering out into it for a lunch break. The photos are just for fun, taken as I walked along Sterling from Classon to Franklin. I grabbed lunch from two of my favorite places on the Avenue: a spinach slice from A Slice of Brooklyn (trust me, you will not have a fresher spinach slice anywhere in the city) and a beef patty from 3D's Restaurant and Bakery. I ate both tromping merrily through the fast-falling snow, which had the unexpected effect of cooling my slice to eating temperature faster than usual.

For dinner, my lady and I ordered the vegetarian dinner for two from Bombay Masala, the Indian joint across from A Slice of Brooklyn. It was $30 dollars, but worth every penny: the take-out bag felt like it weighed 15 pounds, and inside were two soups, two appetizers, two huge containers of fresh, buttery rice, two entrees, a big naan bread, and two desserts, all of which were fantastic. I'm not alone in loving this place: they've got enough of a following that Marty Markowitz declared November 3, 2007 "Bombay Masala Celebration Day" via a proclamation of the Borough of Brooklyn. I get the impression these guys do a pretty good business (they deliver for free), but if you haven't ventured inside, do.

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