Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hard Dough

Another shameless local plug that justifies the "I love Franklin Ave" tag, coming right up. I've been making at least a weekly pilgrimage to 3D's Bakery and Restaurant on Sterling and Franklin and I'm always glad when I go. Their patties are positively scrumptious, with flaky crusts and fresh, tasty fillings (for the vegan/vegetarian crowd out there, their veggie patty is head and shoulders above any others I've had). Patties often get maligned as cruddy fast food (amongst the new-to-the-neighborhood-earthy-crunchy crowd that I run with, anyway), but these are anything but. Plus, for a buck fifty, they're a perfect pre- or post-drinking snack (conveniently located on the way to Franklin Park for me).

It's not just the patties that draw me to 3D's, though--I've become a devotee of hard dough bread. The 3D's loaves (pictured above), are perfect for sandwiches, and as I found out on Thanksgiving, they make for the best damn stuffing I've ever had. The bread is "hard" because the dough is chewy and moist, almost like a very dense sourdough, but slightly sweet, in a yeasty, bready, absolutely-awesome-when-warm-with-jam kind of way. It also hangs together and doesn't get soggy, even laden with sandwich goods and condiments and rattling around in a backpack. The link above has a basic description and a recipe, if you're into bread making.

As a final note, the service is some of the friendliest on Franklin, and they're an institution--I found out today when I picked up my weekly loaf that they've been in business for 29 years and counting.

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  1. yeah this place rocks. its all about the beef patties. im also a big fan of the fish cakes, and the jerk chicken is some of the best ive ever had, though its not really the best for your digestive system. they also have good hot sauce, which is a must.

    -Sterling Place Guy