Monday, December 29, 2008

Local blogger at a citywide paper

I was recently informed that reciprocity in the world of blogging is encouraged, particularly when a blogger mentions your work, so here's an incredibly overdue return-shout out to New York Observer reporter Dana Rubinstein, who was kind enough to give this nascent project a mention in its infancy. Ms. Rubinstein's own work is in real estate, which only occasionally turns her pen to Crown Heights, but as a resident she finds the time to cover the neighborhood in occasional posts on the Observer's blog.

In totally unrelated news, here's a solid jerk chicken recipe, if you ever want to approximate the delicious odors of Franklin Avenue in your kitchen. I've tried it on veggies and it works great with them too.

Correction (as of January 2nd): Ms. Rubinstein's name has an "i" and not an "e" in it. Whoops.

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