Tuesday, December 02, 2008

One stone, two stone, redstone, bluestone

I know there's a long tradition behind the brownstone in Brooklyn, so what follows may be blasphemy, but I love it when people paint their stone, brick, or stucco houses bright colors. Technically, they're still "brownstones," since the term refers to the Triassic sandstone used in their construction. Europeans have a tendency to do this--examples here (UK), here (Denmark), and here (Spain)--and I think the effect is generally to lighten up the street and add a touch of fun and absurdity to otherwise quiet neighborhoods. I think a neighborhood or block looking for a lift might consider a rainbow of row houses to make it stand out--what it would lose in stateliness, it would make up in uniqueness. The houses here are along Willoughby, just past Lewis.

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