Sunday, December 28, 2008

The spice is most certainly right

If you ever walk down the block of Franklin between Lincoln and St. John's, you already know about the incredible olfactory experience that awaits every time you pass the kettle-drum grills that belong to The Spice is Right Jamaican restaurant. The scent of the jerk chicken roasting slowly in steel bellies of these beasts deserves its own post: on a good day, with the right wind, you can smell it in the 2-3-4-5 station before you even get off the platform. These guys are committed, too--when I was trudging through the snow last weekend, they were still out tending the creation, snow melting on the grill and all.

So is the spice right? I finally went in and ordered "whatever smells so good on that grill" (jerk chicken), which can be bought in small and large sizes for 5 and 8 dollars, respectively (add a buck to each for the "meal", which comes with the sides that sit under the glass as you order, and a bed of rice for the chicken). If that seems steep, you can also have a pair of jerk wings for $1.50 to get a feel for the taste. Most everyone I was in line with waited awhile for their food, but it was worth the wait. The chicken was falling off the bone, and incredibly flavorful. Worthy of note as well is that this chicken, chargrilled as it is, is actually quite a healthy option when compared to the fried chicken available elsewhere on the avenue.

To sum it up: the spice is right. Don't drop in for a quick cheap bite, but go by when you have some time and want a great, hearty, tasty meal.


  1. good review. You might also mention that they serve the chicken with fresh vegetables. This is the kind of place that makes the food healthy and tasty.

  2. i think this place got caught in the fire this weekend. the gate is shut and the back interior all destroyed.