Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jazz Short Filming on Dean

I leaned out my window and took this shot this morning, and then asked the gentleman keeping an eye on the gear what was up as I went for milk at the deli on the corner. He told me that they were filming a short called "In Remembrance of Life" about a jazz musician at the end of his life thinking about what he sacrificed for his music. Look for it at festivals and showcases this summer and fall.

Brooklyn has been a player in the jazz scene since such a thing existed. Israel and Jacob Gershowitz (known to the world as Ira and George Gershwin) were born to Jewish emigres from Russia in the late 1890s and attended Erasmus Hall en route to producing the soundtrack to the jazz age. Renowned historian Robin D. G. Kelley penned a great piece on Brooklyn's jazz history and current revival for the Brooklyn Rail a few years back, and the NYTimes followed suit a year later. Both authors mention a booming scene based around Nostrand and Fulton in the late 1950s and early 1960s that attracted the legends (Diz, Bird, Monk, Miles, etc.) from across the East River and also produced a "Brooklyn Sound" best captured by the Blue Note recording "The Night of the Cookers: Live at Club La Marchal."

For current information on jazz in the borough, check out the Brooklyn Jazz Underground and the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium.

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