Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The best recession lunch date in Bushwick

You're reading the sign in the window correctly: Famous Eddie's hot dog stand on the corner of Suydam and Knickerbocker in Bushwick offers a single dog for under a dollar. These are no run of the mill frankfurters, either--Eddie has 20 years worth of experience at various carts around the city (he owns two that operate in Times Square) and it shows. The dogs are hot and fresh, the buns are toasted to order, the kraut and onions are liberally applied, and the whole meal is offered up with the gruff efficiency that one expects of a seasoned pro. For less than three bucks ($2.75, to be precise), you can have a pair of these beauties and 20 ounces worth of pink lemonade to wash them down.

I wrote about Eddie's early in my wanderings, and I'm happy to report that my love of his food has stood the test of time. If you're looking for a quirky date that won't knock your wallet out, I highly recommend a trip up to Bushwick. You can grab your lunch at Eddie's, your dessert at the Dolceria a block east on Knickerbocker (try the gelato), and eat the whole lot across the street from Eddie on a bench in the grand plaza of Maria Hernandez Park (formerly Bushwick Park, as it is still labelled on gmaps, renamed for a community leader murdered for her aggressive anti-gang and anti-drug activism). With MTA fare, that's a $20 date for two! Who says the recession can't be more like recess?

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