Monday, March 02, 2009

March Madness

After a handful of February days that showcased the best that global warming has to offer, March roared in like a lion. NYC's public school day was canceled for the first time in five years, which meant the joy of a few little tykes running around our office and some great photo ops on Franklin Avenue. The city fired up its fleet of 1,400 snowplows to clear the 6,000 miles of streets in the five boroughs, which the mayor compared to "plowing from here to Los Angeles and back." Based on the state of the streets in Crown Heights at 11 AM this morning, we're somewhere in Nebraska on that route, most likely on the way back.

Unrelated tidbit #1: The NYTimes has kicked off a new blog for Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. Next stop Crown Heights!

Unrelated tidbit #2: There's a really fascinating dialogue going on about World War II soldiers from Kings County on the Brooklynian Crown Heights message board.

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