Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Streetlight Week Continues

Streetlights of Brooklyn Week continues here at I Love Franklin Ave with these baroque lamps in fire engine red that shine on Central Avenue between Covert and Schaefer, as well as half a block of Schaefer south of Central. The lights, each with five globes held in place by four seemingly mythical dragon-fish, appear to be the work of Pilgrim Church and Pilgrim Christian Academy, who have also erected a wrought-iron fence and awnings in the same bright color.

My investigations into the lights and the institutions behind them turned up very little. The school building, which is the older of the two, apparently once housed another school, Fourteen Holy Martyrs, which merged and moved out in the 1970s. The church and academy may continue to operate, but I couldn't find any information online. Either way, they've left one heck of a bright (day or night) legacy on their block in Bushwick.

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