Sunday, May 10, 2009

Signs of Life

Recession or not, new signage is popping up along the Avenue. As I heard via Brooklynian's Crown Heights Forum awhile back, Mazon's Discount, the former tenant at what is now the giant hole on Eastern Parkway and Franklin, is reopening next door to 95 South, and they've got a handsome maroon awning out as of this weekend. Further down the street, the nicest folks on earth at A Slice of Brooklyn (my favorite place to stop and chat on Franklin) have finally replaced the shingle for the former Motherland Restaurant with their own sign, which fits their color scheme but is a bit cluttered with text.

Sushi Tatsu II (the original shop is over on Flatbush) didn't change any permanent signage, but their whiteboard has a welcome announcement for all those who hoped that Mazon's new site was a coffee shop or restaurant in the works. They are now serving Thai food, along with their full lineup of Japanese cuisine. With outdoor tables and some blooming window boxes, Tatsu is evolving nicely from a take-out joint to an eat-out restaurant, and the addition of Thai food should help them step out from Gen's shadow in the local Asian food scene.

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