Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Armory Town Hall Meeting Thursday

Time was when it might have been considered safe to live so close to an armory, but that time has passed. Today, the Bedford-Atlantic Armory goes by the epithet "the notorious" (not unlike another Brooklyn resident from the area) and is the largest men's shelter in the city of New York, housing up to 350 people a night. It is also slated to become the city's primary intake center for homeless men, despite the city's initial promise to replace the one it's closing in Manhattan. The folks at the Crown Heights Revitalization Movement have taken the lead on this particular event, and more information can be found here. The meeting starts at 7pm at St. Peter Claver Church on Claver Place between Fulton and Putnam.

The plan to move the intake center to Brooklyn from Bellevue Hospital at 30th and 1st in Manhattan has been in the works for awhile, and has been vociferously opposed by residents and local pols in a series of rallies and meetings. More recently, a memorandum went around the neighborhood informing residents that a private developer seeks to establish a Drug-Free Residential Rehabilitation Service Program at 1140 Pacific Street, between Bedford and Franklin across the street from the Armory. While the clustering of these services isn't surprising, they certainly aren't a welcome addition to the area, which already leads Brooklyn in registered sex offenders as well as other less-than-desirable statistics, in the eyes of residents.

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