Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Enter the Dragon

Last week, I took note of a building that's caught the eye of almost every blogger to walk down Bedford Avenue between Atlantic and Eastern, a stretch once known as Brooklyn's Automobile row. The building, a former Studebaker auto showroom that's since been lovingly recreated as low-income housing, sits across the street from another fascinating structure, 1476 Bedford. Unlike its partner across the avenue, this building hasn't yet garnered any press, blogospheric or otherwise.

The current home of the New Life Tabernacle Church, the two-story brick storefront is covered with what appear to be Chinese dragons, which wind around the frieze and greet entrants at the wrought-iron outer door. The building doesn't seem to have been built to house the church, as the current signage covers some of the ornamentation (look closely for a dragon/monster face in the second photo just to the right of the main sign), but my exhaustive (read: five minute) search of the web didn't turn up any history. The dragon motif also seems an unlikely choice for an auto showroom.

If anyone knows the history of this structure, please share it! I'm going to try and catch the current occupants to ask them about it sometime soon.


  1. The building that is now the New Life Tabernacle was the location of the original Loehmann's store, opened in 1921. In fact, it was still a Loehmann's location until the early 1970s.

  2. Thanks! Do you know of any particular reason for the dragon motif?