Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Mural Going up at Herkimer and Nostrand

The NYC Justice Corps, based out of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, are painting a new mural of black leaders on the northwest corner of Nostrand and Herkimer. It looks great so far, and they hope to have it finished today or tomorrow (they started yesterday). A finished example of their work is right down the street at the Herkimer United Garden Club (third photo).

The artist who designed the piece going up right now can be found here. As one painter told me, NYC Justice Corps does murals all over, and are always looking for more work. If you've got a blank wall, give 'em a call.

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  1. Want to see the finished product? Check out the new "Black Prez" video "Summertime". Also check out our new piece on Fulton and Thompkins.

    Jay Mobley
    Program Manager
    NYC Justce Corps
    Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation