Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lily & Fig Open

It's been nearly a year since a poster on the Crown Heights Forum noticed their signage going up, but as of yesterday afternoon, Lily and Fig Bakery and Tea Shop is finally open! The proprietors, Lily and Ike, have been doing a mail-order and web-based business for some time now, but their cute little spot on Franklin between Sterling and Park is their first location, and they're very excited to be there. It was construction delays, and not the economy, that held up their opening, but now they're ready to go and will open daily at 7:30 AM.

If you're in the neighborhood this afternoon, swing by for a free sample Russian tea cookie, which was crisp and buttery and did not disappoint. Neither did a strawberry profiterole, which I purchased for the very reasonable price of $1.50. They have an assortment of cakes (Lily recommended the carrot and the chocolate fudge), muffins (banana white chocolate comes with high marks), cupcakes, and cookies in the display case, and tea and coffee available behind the counter.

The space itself is light and airy, with ample seating at tables for four. As of right now, they're just offering baked goods and drinks, but they're open to feedback and have the space to develop more of a restaurant-type menu if they so desire. Even with their current wares, they'll be a welcome addition to the morning walk to the 4 train, so check them out on your way to work tomorrow.


  1. I'm looking forward to this place opening. Maybe I should get some cake after work today :)

    Slightly off topic is there a bakery that sells fresh bread somewhere in the vicinity? Haven't been able to locate one yet.

  2. 3Ds on Sterling and Franklin has fresh wheat and hard dough loaves, but they don't do baguettes or anything of that ilk. Some of the bodegas have fresh Italian loaves daily (the one on Franklin and Dean has a few), too.

  3. try Joyce on Vanderbilt

  4. Cafe Brueklen (spelling?) near St Johns and Franklin had baguettes from Balthazar last time I was in there.