Thursday, July 09, 2009

Now Nobody's Going to Believe Me

Still, I swear I didn't write it! Nor did I edit in the "K" or the "". A thousand thanks to whoever did. And now, some links:

- After the city made waves a few weeks ago by renting unsold units and effectively turning a newly-developed building at the eastern end of Crown Heights into a homeless shelter, council speaker Christine Quinn unveiled a plan to build on this model by converting up to 400 units in vacant condo building into affordable housing. And to think, I joked about this back in December. For those who would prefer to see the market run its course, I argue not against your logic but merely the pace of it--by the time the developers went bust and the market corrected the price of these units, the damage done to communities with unfinished buildings would be even greater that the perceived impact of mixed-income conversion.

- Speaking of housing, foreclosures in Brooklyn (and the rest of NYC) made news again today, not on account of any new development but rather because artist Damon Rich is using the mini-city at the Queens Museum of Art to document them visually. For an even better visual, take a look at the NYT's interactive map.

- Check out a Franklin Avenue institution, the Brooklyn Ink Spot, in action here, where tattoo artist Maria Boehm is documenting her apprenticeship.

- A journalist buddy of mine is trekking around the Middle East, and he takes a mean photo.

- My other journalist buddy has an excellent, idiot-proof guide to the power struggle playing out at Coney Island here.

Happy clicking!

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