Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick Links

There's a full recap of another great installment of the Franklin Park Reading Series coming sometime tomorrow, but before I sleep, I wanted to link three things.

1. Brooklyn the Borough: Another great Brooklyn blog that I've been reading, though I was remiss enough to leave it off the blogroll. It's now in its rightful place, thanks to the in-person reminder I received when I met their editor tonight at the readings. Check them out.

2. Erin Einhorn's piece on This American Life. One of tonight's readers, Ms. Einhorn held us spellbound with her story, a partial retelling of the episode above. A friend described the effect as a "wonderful fog" that enveloped the room and its inhabitants, a descent of the silence that only exists when people are really listening, and are so wrapped up in the story that they don't even notice it.

3. The latest issue of the New York Moon has hit the streetcorners of cyberspace. I'll freely admit that this is shameless self-promotion (I have a piece therein), but the whole publication is well worth the look.

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