Friday, August 14, 2009

Subway, Take Me Away

I Love Franklin Ave will be on vacation from Friday 8/14 through Sunday 8/23, but the fun in the neighborhood never stops, so keep your eyes on Nostrand Park for all the latest. I heard through the Crown Heights CSA grapevine that one of their star bloggers will be staffing a table at a health fair of sorts on Park between Nostrand and New York this Saturday, so stop by (after you hit up the Franklin Flea, of course) to learn about the CSA's growing membership and how to get involved this year and next, as well as to chat all things Crown Heights with one of the neighborhood's most diligent and creative bloggers.

Before I go, two fun, positive items that made borough-wide news from our locality this week:

- Kyle Huebbe of Crown Heights won the Brooklyn Paper's 1st Annual Burger Bash contest in true Brooklyn style, keeping things simple and old-school with a "80-percent ground beef, 20-percent fat patty, seasoned with Kosher salt and pepper and cooked perfectly in a cast-iron pan, topped with a garden tomato (not store-bought!), cheddar and a horseradish sauce, and piled onto a Portuguese muffin." Said the judges: "Its simplicity was its elegance." As the victor, Mr. Huebbe will get to return to the grill for the New York Food and Wine Festival in DUMBO this fall. Well done, sir, well done indeed.

- The great work continues at the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center, whose anti-gun violence mural project at Brooklyn Avenue and Prospect Place caught the eye of the Daily Eagle. There's no need to explain the value of such a project to those who live in the neighborhood, and it's something everyone can get behind. The final dedication and unveilling will be on August 29th.

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