Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Arrives on Franklin

The heat of summer is here, and the hydrants are open. I took some photos last night too, but I think this one is superior. One of my favorite Brooklyn photos of all time captures the joy of frolicking in a fire hydrant: Eugene Richards' Brooklyn, 1993. There's a tiny copy here, but you can see a beautiful complete version (the first link is cropped slightly) at his website if you scroll through the galleries (which is well worth the time).

In other news, the lady spoke to Tony Fisher at his supermarket today, and he confirmed that work has begun on the new coffee shop he's building adjacent to Fisher's. He added that he hopes to open in mid-September, and that he's welcoming applications from any once and future baristas (I proudly count myself amongst the ranks) who need a paying gig in the area.

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