Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Breukelen Coffee House Opening Soon

Avid readers of the Crown Heights Brooklynian Forum will have picked this up already, but Franklin Avenue is getting a new coffee shop, the Breukelen Coffee House, which will occupy the old Point de Couture location at Franklin and St. John's. Their triumvirate of owners, Leeza, Jay and Frank, are promising "a holistic and organic coffee shop" where "everything is organic and made with love." I had the chance to chat with them over the weekend, and Leeza shared the following about their plans:
We are proudly serving Stumptown Organic Coffee, and organic nut milks (almond,hazelnut), oat and hemp milk. Milk will not be available nor conventional sugar. We will only be serving non processed, all natural sweetners such as stevia, agave syrup and Manuka honey. Our pastries will include vegan options, and we'll have delicious smoothies!
Equally important are the holistic workshops we'll be holding. They will focus on helping people to 'remember' proper breath, proper hydration and eating with 'life foods'. Our motto is: Order anything/everything of our menu! None of it is bad for you! Guilt-free eating is where we pride ourselves.
On the forum, they posted these hours (tentatively) for their October opening:
Mon-Fri 7:00AM-7:00PM
Sat 10:00AM-6:00PM
Sun 12:00PM-5:00PM
I'm excited--here's hoping that they succeed! Provided they thrive, I'm also hoping that they can eventually extend those hours, both for the early-morning crowd that needs a jolt (I could have used one when I got up at 5 AM to open the polls this morning) and for the evening crowd that would sit around sipping coffee and reading until 10 or later.
P.S. - Remember to VOTE today! Polls are open until 9 PM.
P.P.S. - Great show last night at the Franklin Park Reading Series--thanks to all who read, organized, and attended!


  1. They've adjusted their hours, according to their post on Brooklynian yesterday. New hours will be:

    M-F 7am-7pm
    Sat 7am-6pm
    Sun 7am-5pm

  2. Damn right across from Tony Fisher's new place Pulp and Bean, coffee for everyone!

  3. Pulp and Bean? That's really what Fisher's place is going to be called?

    Eh, nice to have these places close... regardless of the name.

  4. I like having choices. The two shops have two different models. I just hope they dont throw hot coffee at each other! And i like Tonys name. He just calls it "The Pulp". Well thats Tony for you. lol.

  5. There was a great article on Tony's twittering in the Daily News a couple of days ago, but they must not have posted it online because I can't find it anywhere. If someone has a link, put it up!

  6. And glass shop around the corner, and nams has coffee. Bristens? Oh and also, everyone's house has coffee. It's not the businesses that bother me, it's the pseudo-intellectuals posing in front of the window i'll have to walk by. Everyday.

    At least there's no asian fusion places opening up. Or a cheese shop.

  7. This is pretty exciting! Its great to see businesses being established during this recession. I'm glad the proprietors are taking the risks and I hope our neighbors support them with their patronage!

  8. Love this shop, love all the guys -- I literally live next door (Right above where Franklin Park is opening their burger bar!) -- I bring my own mug nearly every day for a delicious latte with hazelnut creamer.