Thursday, September 03, 2009

Egg Rolls replace Beef Patties

Demerara West Indian Cafe at Park Place and Franklin folded earlier this summer, and in the last two weeks a full-scale renovation has been taking place in their old space. I stopped by today and asked the workers inside what's on the way, and they told me that the storefront is being converted to a Chinese take-out/delivery place.

There's no dearth of Caribbean cuisine to be had on Franklin, which may have led to Demerara's demise. However, there are also two Chinese take-out joints, including one right across Park next to the laundromat. Time will tell how this one fares, though I confess I was hoping for something more novel. On the plus side, it's a good sign for the neighborhood that retail spaces are being snapped up this quickly despite the recession.

Finally, I saw the mounted police out on Sterling today. They looked a little lost, without a crowd.

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  1. Agree...nice for the nabe but would have hoped for something more spify!