Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fired Up

I walked out my door on Saturday and saw FDNY Ladder 132 stretching its single tentacle towards the roof of the old Budweiser/Nassau Brewery on Franklin between Bergen and Dean. At first, I thought the place was on fire, but the lack of sirens, lights, or hoses put me off that scent pretty quickly. I headed back upstairs for my camera, as it seemed like a story was brewing, but by the time I was back down all the firefighters were on the roof, and it seemed inappropriate to start yelling up at them ("Hey, got a second to stop saving whatever you're saving and give me a quote for the blog?" Not so much.), so I kept moving. Later in the night, I walked by their station on St. John's and poked my head in to ask about the incident. The guys on duty told me that they hadn't heard anything specific, but that they "use that building to practice" with some regularity. Nice to know the old place still serves some purpose, though I still think it would make a tremendous brewpub.

Following from I Love Franklin Ave's first rule of blogging (never title a post without a pun if one presents itself), I'm fired up for my third consecutive Franklin Park Reading Series event tomorrow night at 8pm. This week's readers include Susan Shapiro (here's her NYTimes piece that ran yesterday), Times editor Frank Flaherty (he's just authored a book on non-fiction writing), and a pair of young guns--Royal Young and Lori Bizzoco--from Pomp and Circumstance Magazine. Don't miss it!


  1. I love that building so much. Any idea what its going for? I've tried to call twice to see what they're asking with no answer..

  2. Here's the pshark page on it: