Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tasty Bites

Lily and Fig Bakery and Tea Shop has been open for a nearly two months now, and I think it's still a secret that they make the best chocolate chip cookie in the neighborhood. I promise you, you will not be disappointed if you try these cookies: they're crunchy but not too crispy on the outside, soft but not too greasy-moist or raw-dough-chewy on the inside, they're sized just right (neither a teeny bite nor a monstrous undertaking . . . cookies seem to tend towards extremes in these parts), they have plenty of chocolate chips (chunks, really), and they cost one one dollar. You can't even get a candy bar for under a dollar at Duane Reade anymore!

So go in and have a taste, Franklin Avenue residents, and you'll get the added bonus of chatting with Lily and Ike, two of the friendliest proprietors I've had the pleasure of purchasing from recently. They remind me a lot of Judith and Elwin, another great team two blocks down at A Slice of Brooklyn. I hope their business follows the same trajectory--the Slice started slow after a grand opening in July 2008, and a year later the place is routinely hopping around mealtime. Nothing makes me feel at home like knowing the names of the people I buy from.

Some more tidbits, in no particular order:

- A buddy who works on urban policy in DC (and takes a mean photo) passed along this map of Brooklyn block groups, which I like to classify as one of those tiny hinges on which quality of life can swing so far (other such hinges include community gardens and almost everything the guys on Streetsblog write about).

- The same buddy recommends a new metro policy blog from The New Republic, the Avenue.

- Herbert T. raises an interesting point in response to Monday's post on the police presence on Franklin: perhaps the quieter stoops are a product of the violence (no one wants to be a bystander) rather than the increased patrols. The answer is likely somewhere in the middle, though I'm inclined to think the officers are having more of an effect than Mr. T. After all, today I saw (on Franklin) two beat cops at Eastern Parkway, two at Lincoln, one standing outside the Skywatch at St. John's, two at Prospect, a cruiser at St. Marks, the Mobile Command Center, the Interceptor, and another cruiser at Bergen, and two more officers on the beat at Dean, and that was just walking home in broad daylight at 7:30 pm.

- The Franklin Park Reading Series returns in less than two weeks, thanks to the tireless efforts of local literary hostess extraordinaire Penina Roth. I'll run a more detailed preview next week, but in the meantime, mark your calendar for Monday, September 14th at 8:00 PM, and check out the lineup here.


  1. Nick,

    Keep up the great work you are doing in advocating for the nabe!

  2. As a follow up, a friend of mine who lives on St. Marks and Franklin talked to a couple of the beat cops who told her they are from Brooklyn North- not the 77th. I met a couple of them first hand this afternoon when they stopped me for mounting my bike on the sidewalk- about 10 feet from the corner of Dean and Franklin. They seemed really green- asked me to ID, where I lived, if I had any tickets... just sort of going through the motions. Even though the whole charade was a waste of time, I told them I was glad they were around, and that I'd see them again.