Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Not to be missed!

It's been up for awhile, but the upcoming MJ movie reminded me that this poster in the window of a first-floor apartment on Franklin is my favorite tribute. The Jackson 5?! AND Diana Ross and the Supremes (and seriously, Ms. Ross on the undercard? You KNOW that means the Jackson 5 were unreal)?! Mungo Jerry were probably pretty amusing, too.

Sadly, this poster is out of stock in the great wide world of online purchasing, but you can get another one from a date at the same venue a month later. As for the Grand Theater, the only information I could find about it was here, which tells you that it sat 600 and was demolished.

In totally unrelated news, check out this fascinating story about that most quintessential Brooklynite activity, immigration to Brooklyn.

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