Sunday, November 08, 2009

The St. Marks Residential Boom

Last week I covered the new affordable housing development, St. Marks Gardens, going up across the street from the Ishi condos on St. Marks, and it looks like whoever moves in to those two buildings will have company. Much of the old Jewish Hospital complex has already been converted to rentals, but the final phase of the project seems to be in full swing now, with the modern buildings that face St. Marks being converted to residences and parking. Reader Nat checked it out over the weekend:

What I was calling the "radiology building" appears to be three distinct buildings that are currently being redeveloped. I took a quick look at the building permits to see what the scope of the work is and when they were issued.

The main (taller) part of the wing's permit for work was issued around the end of July. I jotted some notes down this is a close paraphrase of the permit:

Convert existing public building into accessory parking with apartments above. Cut and demolish part of the rear as shown in plans.

I looked through the gate, and see that there's already a huge hole in the back of the building, and that the first floor is being gutted for parking. The building has already had the awful blue plastic (fiberglass?) stuff they used in the fifties and sixties in window openings removed. That change alone makes the building look less bad. Inside, it looks like some internal wall framing is taking place.

Another building in the wing, recognizable by a spray painted over Interfaith Emergency awning, is being redeveloped into supermarket space. From the permit:

Convert existing building from car service station to supermarket

There is a real estate sign on that part of the building saying that the space is 15-20,000 sq feet, and comes with 25 parking spaces. Looks like more groceries are coming to the neighborhood - its an open question as to what kind of market it will be.

I'm a little unclear as to the fate of the third building, this one is a single story street front building that says "radiation therapy" on it. My guess is that it is covered under the permit for the main part of the wing, and is going to be demolished to become space for parking, either for the supermarket or the apartment building, though its unclear as it looks untouched thus far. No loss if they do tear it down though, that building is about as ugly as they come.

The photos above capture the change in the building over the past ten months: rows of windows being knocked through the old walls and the interior framing that Nat mentions going up. The owners have been advertising the one building as a potential supermarket since I arrived 16 months ago, but perhaps a renovated space and a whole lot of new residents will entice someone to open up.

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