Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Writing on the Avenue

- I'm not sure why it says "CONVICT" on the sidewalk between St. Marks and Bergen, but it's in the same style as the "HOLY" that was written up by the subway entrance a few weeks ago. Maybe it's a question for the folks at Crown Heights Creative.

- Speaking of creative, kudos to Brooklyn (with at least one member living nearby) band The House Floor, who scored a rave review on NPR's All Songs Considered blog. You can download their debut album at their website, linked above.

- Gothamist reports that the Starlite Lounge on Nostrand and Bergen, Brooklyn's oldest gay bar, may be forced to close by new ownership. As usual, the news was on Brooklynian first, where posters mentioned that you can swing by the bar (still open as of yet) to sign a petition. Someone who knows the bar and management better than I should get an online petition going.

- The Daily News ran a nice story about alumni giving back to NYC public schools, including PS 241 in Crown Heights:

It's been more than six decades since real estate investor Peter Malkin, 75, rode the trolley to PS 241 on President St. in Crown Heights, but the school came to mind first as one of the key experiences of his youth.

"I thought perhaps I could bring to that student body...some exposure to things that were not otherwise available to them," said Malkin, who leads the real estate group that owns the Empire State Building.

Malkin has donated a playground, a computer center and a piano to the school.

He funds weekly violin lessons for about 100 students, an after-school program that offers soccer, music and ballroom dance training and other cultural programs.

Each month, he rewards 20 kids with bookstore gift cards.

- Thanks to Nostrand Park for the link, and for the nice picture of Franklin Park's new burger joint, which is coming along.

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