Monday, December 07, 2009

Brooklyn Bread at Lily & Fig

I stopped in at Lily & Fig for some of their newly-introduced weekend bread on Saturday, and was rewarded with a crusty loaf of challah. Their bread baker, Katya, is a local Franklin Avenue resident, and she keeps a great blog of her baking adventures and creations called Second Dinner. As it turns out, this is her first professional baking gig, which makes the high quality of the loaf I had all the more impressive. The other loaves on the racks throughout the weekend included a sourdough, a raisin bread, and the one above, which I want to say was a multi-grain sunflower loaf of sorts (though I may have made that up, I honestly don't remember).

Lily & Fig has been quietly and steadily turning into a fantastic bakery and cafe spot, even while the coffee shops further south grab the headlines. They've still got the best chocolate chip cookie anywhere around for only a dollar, and the steady stream of clientele, along with Lily and Ike's adorable son, makes for a warm family atmosphere. They've always got seating, they've got free wireless, and when the afternoon sun hits the windows, it's one of the prettiest spots in the neighborhood.

I'm not knocking the other spots, of course--just sayin' that Lily & Fig has earned their mention alongside them. Stop in for some bread!


  1. Agree—it's the best place for relaxing and the deserts are the equal of anything in NYC.

  2. Their red velvet cupcakes and chocolate-chip cookies are amazing!

  3. I've eaten their cakes lots of times and they really are delicious!