Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Market on Franklin Today!

Pour Gourmet and Planet Ert are braving the weather out at Franklin and Sterling to hawk their excellent wares, and they'll be joined by some other vendors soon. Step out into the holiday season and swing by!


  1. I'm very excited about finding your blog, which in turn led me to find a couple more about the nabe. Been living here for three years, and I still haven't roamed as much as I should've. Lurking through your blog and the others, I've come to realize I know nothing about this neighborhood.

    I'll be checking the market today, partly because (and this is where a, uhm, question comes in, and how I came upon your blog) I'm looking for Christmas trees within walking distance, and thought that Franklin would be a start. Are you able to tell me if that's so? Mind you, I'm over at Kingston and Empire, so maybe you know of something over to this side as well?

    Great blog!

  2. There are mini-trees and wreaths at Nam's on St. John's and Franklin, but I haven't seen full-size trees on the avenune anywhere. If I find some, I'll post it. Thanks for reading!