Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maiman's Pharmacy

Maiman's Pharmacy is one of my favorite Franklin Avenue throwbacks, with its original neon signs glowing proudly on the corner of Eastern Parkway. The shop opened the mid-1950s, and was family-owned for 50 years before being sold to the current owners. One of the sons of the original owners is a frequent poster on historical posts about the neighborhood. If you have the time, scroll through the hundreds of comments on this CityNoise about Eastern Parkway for a great perspective on the Franklin Avenue area in the 1950s.

I also enjoyed this Flickr photo of the pharmacy with a dusting of snow.


  1. Great picture. My father and uncle created and owned Maiman's Pharmacy starting around 1956 and it remained in the family under my brother's ownership until just a few years ago. It's a fixture in the neighborhood. Maiman's was born when my dad and uncle bought out an earlier classic style soda fountain-drug store revising into the then "modern" style pharmacy you see now. I have not been in there for a few years but I believe it is fundamentally unchanged from when my father and uncle founded the store. I have lots of great memories of the neighborhood as a kid. I hope it can come back to some form of its former glory.

    1. My father, Herbert Geiger, and his partner, Charlie Richless, owned the store, named, surprisingly enough, Richless and Geiger Pharmacy, from before 1940 until your father bought it.

  2. We had a helluva time here. Didn't we, Mitch?


  3. Does anyone remember Radin's kosher deli that was right next door?

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