Monday, January 04, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New

Two local institutions are ringing in 2010 with makeovers. The owners of Yafaa Money Market, one of several delis/bodegas/grocery stores on Franklin, have completely gutted their store as part of a renovation. The location, at 690 Franklin just south of Prospect, will remain a grocery store. Meanwhile, Nostrand Park is undergoing a virtual renovation and relocating their excellent local blog to a new site.

Two other local stories also caught my eye today:

- At 639 Eastern Parkway, a few avenues east, tenants took to the streets today to protest their landlord's negligence. Many of the building's residents have been without heat or hot water since the new year, when a pipe burst, flooding an apartment. The unluckiest tenants are without any running water, and one apartment has not been cleared of flood waters.

- The NYTimes' "Neediest Cases" fund-raising series ran an article about a bipolar woman who spent years in Crown Heights channeling her energies into sewing and crocheting. Her use of the hobby to cope with her illness called to mind the work of Sue Rock, who uses textile training and production to serve victims of domestic violence at her Bergen Street storefront.


  1. Also, the best bullet-proof-glass-Chinese-takeout-place got a new name/sign --- East side of Franklin Avenue between Lincoln and St. Johns. It's now called The Golden Chopstick. I *hope* it's the same owners because their vegetarian options were amazing. Sesame Bean Curd? To die for. Spiffy new sign-age for sure.

    - Liz

  2. Yeah, I saw that and almost thought the place had been taken over by new management until I glanced inside. It seems like the prevailing logic is that a really nice eye-catching sign is more important than renovating their fading, bare-bones interior. I guess it makes sense--who eats in at a Chinese take-out spot anyway?

  3. And also again: Nam's took down the pictures in their windows and it looks great! - Liz

  4. oh! I couldn't figure out why the neighbourhood looked so nice! It's totally being able to see into Nam's!