Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Very Awesome

History nerds rejoice! As Curbed reported yesterday, the NYCityMap has just added GMaps-style high-res aerial photography . . . from 1924! Franklin Avenue itself looks remarkably similar from the air, save a few new buildings here and there, but with a wider view you can observe some gone-forever sites, including the Brooklyn Reservoir (pictured above, at what is now Mt. Prospect Park) and Ebbets Field. Other spaces are empty, including the entire block that became Prospect Heights High School and the later site of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I haven't finished exploring the neighborhood of 1924 block by block, but that's what weekends are for!


  1. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden opened in 1910. They are celebrating their Centennial this year. Although a bit smaller in size, its definitely visible on the map.

    Thanks for the link to the past! I will be wasting hours of time looking at old/new aerial photo comparisons.


  2. Ahh, you're right--it's just the entrance/gardens between the museum and Mt. Prospect Park that are missing. Thanks for the heads-up.