Monday, February 01, 2010

When's the next train?

The digital displays in the Franklin Avenue 2-3-4-5 station were "under test" last week and over the weekend, leading this blogger and a few companions to speculate: Are the long-promised digital train-information displays that, until recently, could only be found on the L Train (which the MTA uses as a guinea pig on account of its stand-alone nature), making their debut on Franklin? Timing trains in a busy, express-and-local stop that serves four lines is certainly a challenge, but as the Post reported before Xmas, the MTA is determined, despite budget cuts, to make good on its promise to roll the technology out in all 152 stations by the end of 2011.
Of course, the problem with the trains at Franklin is not so much that they don't arrive, but that they arrive bursting at the seams. Unfortunately, the solution to east side congestion (the much touted 2nd Avenue Subway) is a little further off.

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  1. I'm excited about the signs as well. Even if they're wrong, knowing that it will be twenty minutes makes it feel like less time. I agree that these signs will have no congestion impact on the train, though neither will the Second Avenue subway.

    A Manhattan only train line under Second Ave. won't stop the 4 train from filling up at Utica Avenue during the morning rush hour. (it usually did when I lived there). My speculation is that the capacity crowds are brought in by the B46, which runs from under the Williamsburg bridge, down Broadway, and up Malcolm X/Utica to Kings Plaza. It is consistently one of the top five most ridden bus lines in NYC. My guess is that people use the B46 as a connection to the subway system from further south in Brooklyn where the trains don't go, but the B46 does for most of its route.