Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Work Bearing Fruit - Update

(Updated 2/22): The awning is up at Dutch Boy Burger, the soon-to-open burger joint from Franklin Park's owners. The retro-looking signage advertises "Burgers, Fries, Root Beer Floats." (I hope they'll let me bring a scoop of ice cream down the hall to the bar for a Guinness Float, too).

Meanwhile, down the avenue, 728 Franklin, formerly Nabou African Hair Braiding, is getting a fresh coat of peachy-colored paint inside and out, and the inside seems to have undergone some renovations. The painters didn't know what the new business will be, but the interior walls and partitions seem to suggest a small office or take-out place. If you've got any information, post it here. A block beyond, the makeover at Yafaa Money Market seems to be nearing completion.

While I'm at it, a project that's not as far along but will hopefully one day be putting paint on walls, the Lefferts Farm Food Cooperative, has another meeting this Tuesday, February 23rd, at the Maple Street School in PLG.


  1. In regards to Dutch Boy Burgers -- Are the restaurant and the bar physically connected? (you said "down the hall", not around the corner...) If so, does this take out the BYOFood aspect of Franklin Park?

    - Liz

  2. From what I understand, restaurant will be connected to the "big room" bar via the game room and the tiled bathroom-waiting-area. I don't know if this will be the case right when they open, and I think since they're separate venues, Franklin Park will continue to be BYOFood.

  3. There will be beer at Dutch Boy.

    AND a passageway to FP.

    Basically the only thing you can't do is order from Dutch Boy while you're sitting in FP. Your lazy ass has to get up and walk a few climate-controlled yards.

    fret not.

  4. Fantastic! Will we still be able to order take-out from other places to Franklin Park?