Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fill out your Census Form (and have a cookie!)

For those who don't know, it's Census Time! I posted a rather extended rant about the importance of completing your census forms in my post on the Crow Hill Community Association meeting, but just to re-iterate, almost everything depends upon basic census data, from budgets for city services including schools, police, fire, and sanitation to congressional districts. Neighborhoods with low rates of return lose out on necessary services and are under-represented in government, and tragically, these neighborhoods are often those that need services and representation the most. Central Brooklyn reports below the city average of 60%, and Crown Heights suffers in particular, because two significant portions of the local population -- undocumented migrants and mobile 20-somethings - are among those who typically don't complete census forms.

Thankfully, it's never been easier to do your civic duty - just swing by Lily & Fig this Thursday or Friday to complete a Census Form for your address and have all your questions answered! A census representative (who will NOT ask you about your citizenship status and has no power to arrest, detain, or even ask you for ID) will be there with forms in a wide variety of languages. This is a key point, actually, especially for those who share a home with roommates: even if you never saw the form that was mailed to your house, you can complete one on the spot at Lily & Fig. So come by, help ensure that Crown Heights has a political voice and adequate schools, safety, and sanitation, and enjoy one of Lily's unbelieveably-delicious-should-cost-3-bucks-but-still-only-cost-$1.25 chocolate chip cookies.

For those in need of a few bucks in this economy, the Census rep will also have employment information on hand.

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