Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Keeping busy on the avenue

There's a lot going on as temperatures warm up on Franklin. Cranes, cement mixers, and trucks bearing all manner of building supplies have been rumbling up to the future site of St. Marks Gardens, the 8-story, 38-unit affordable housing complex going up on St. Marks just east of Franklin. I speculated late last year about the St. Marks residential boom -- conversion to rental units continues at the old Jewish Hospital across the shuttle tracks -- and with construction moving as fast as it has, I wonder whether we'll see an attendant commercial boom on the northern end of the Franklin strip this summer (and in coming years).

There are also a series of great events coming up this week and weekend:

- Apologies for not shouting out Quilombo earlier today, which returns every Tuesday night with music and drink specials at Prospect Pond. Check the link above for more information about upcoming artists.

- Tonight (Wednesday), the Kings County Cinema Society brings a Short Film Slam to LaunchPad. Come enjoy the free films, free popcorn, and a chance to meet the filmmakers starting at 8pm!

- For all the parents on a budget (we salute you), Nairobi's Knapsack is hosting a clothing, book, and toy swap this Saturday, March 27th. It's free for all parents who bring a gently-used article, and the event will feature free refreshments and giveaways throughout the day. If you don't have something to trade, you can buy in for the very reasonable price of $10.

- On Sunday, Force and Flow/Pulse Studio presents SWAN Flight 2010, a celebration of women artists featuring a clothing swap, discussion, shruti song circle, and showings/screenings/performances of the work of local artists. SWAN stands for Support Women Artists Now, and Swan Day events will be happening across the globe. Contact them here by Friday if you'd like to show your work or take part in the discussion. If you'd like to attend as a viewer/participant, the event starts at 5 pm and asks a $5 suggested donation.


  1. Great post about St. Mark's Gardens, I had no idea that was being built. I wonder if we could stir up some discussion about the pit on the corner of E. Parkway and Franklin? I'm sure the developer's bank loans have all be rescinded and nothing is going to happen there for quite some time. It would be interested in hearing more about that project. It is one hell of an eyesore. Maybe the city can come in and turn it into a playground, taking a cue from "Parks and Recreation". Anyone out there have opinions they'd want to share?

  2. Talk with the owner of Mazon (the dollar store that has a few locations in the area).

    He owns the site. His "big store" was on the site before he had it torn down to pursue big dreams.

  3. I have been doing a bunch of research on the lot at the corner of EP and Franklin. I've been planning to write about it, since there's lots of interesting stuff there. I still need to make some phone calls and talk to some folks to get some more information on what will happen there, but I've got a list...

    Anyway, my plan was to pass it along to Nick or the folks at Nostrand Park once I've actually written it.