Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Links: The Lazy Blogger's Best Friend

I've been on the road this week, but here are some stories that my various Google Alerts and local sources put on my radar:

Scary - An armed home invasion took place at Lincoln and Franklin yesterday morning, sending a half-dressed man racing into Fisher's Supermarket for help. Police are investigating.

Silly - An ultra-conservative Jewish sect in New Jersey have decided that lox isn't kosher, which sent WABC racing out to Crown Heights (ever the poster neighborhood for New York's Hasidim) to gauge reaction to the issue. Stop the presses--most Jews plan to continue eating lox.

Sad - Nostrand Park reports that local non-profit Sue Rock Originals is in imminent danger of closing. I profiled Sue Rock and her work on behalf of domestic violence survivors last May, and I would hate to see them go. If anyone has any great ideas for ways to raise $25K quickly, from grant-writing to fundraising events, please get in touch with her.

Speaking of Nostrand Park - The NYDN's Denise Romano, who writes frequently on Brooklyn, profiled a series of Crown Heights businesses as part of an ongoing series called "Savings in Brooklyn." Seeing as she does these all over the borough, I'm curious what the local crowd thinks of this iteration.

Sing Along - Local blogger Gregory Malcolm, who writes at Why I Love Brooklyn, put together a fun little video of his favorite spots on Eastern Parkway, set to the sounds of easily-recognizable Brooklyn hits.

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