Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Eats

These tidbits should have gone up days ago, but so be it: there are two extra-special food options on Franklin right now. One is the opportunity to enjoy a pair of 3-course meals for just $25 at Bombay Masala as part of Dine In Brooklyn Week. Listed as a Prospect Heights restaurant (I'll leave that debate alone for now), Bombay is not only participating but offering the double-meal deal, which means that until March 25th, you can enjoy one of their fabulous "dinners for two" for even less than usual. Personally, the lady and I rarely go more than a few weeks without feasting on a vegetarian dinner for two, which comes with two soups, two appetizers, two mains, two piles of rice, bread, and two desserts. Plus, they've got a lovely garden to enjoy in this weather!

Also serving food is Franklin Park, which has made the best of their head-on collision with NYC bureaucracy by planting their new chef in front of a grill while they await the opening of Dutch Boy Burger. Reviews of the nightly BBQs on Brooklynian have been very positive, and sources at the bar say that they plan to open Dutch Boy this coming Friday, March 26th. The issue, as I understand it (thanks to posters on Brooklynian and others for laying this out), is the connecting hallway from Dutch Boy to the Franklin Park "big room." This renders both shops "one space" and as this space has previously been evaluated by the various city agencies (fire, health, etc), it cannot be expanded until it is re-reviewed. The compromise is that Dutch Boy will open, but the seating it adds must be removed from the big room, which the owners plan to accomplish by erecting a temporary partition that will close off the raised platform next to the DJ booth and extend from there to the door. Ridiculous? But of course--it's NYC, after all.

In totally unrelated news, the Brooklyn Eagle had a nice profile of Crown Heights resident Ozzie Fletcher, whose long career of service to the borough has included stints on the local force and in the public schools.


  1. Holy gadzooks that Bombay Masala was some gooooood eating!

    We showed up and the guy explained that the $25 thing was for anything on the menu excluding seafood. I asked what did he recommend and he brought forth massive deliciousness. We are totally going back there and you should seriously check this place out and get that $25 deal before tomorrow!


  2. Dutch Boy Burger opens tomorrow! Thursday, it is official!