Monday, April 05, 2010

The Beanbags Return!

Friday, 6:30pm, Franklin Avenue: Ed of the Brooklyn Ink Spot and yours truly face off on opening day (courtesty of julesdewit on flickr).

It's officially spring when the season starts. No, not that season . . . beanbag season! I was already in a good mood strolling home from the 4 on Friday--the week was over, the weather was warm, the sun was shining, people were out enjoying themselves on stoops and folding chairs--when I saw the gathered crowd and heard the satisfying thump of denim sack on plywood. I'd promised the lady I'd hustle home and clean up the apartment for the company we had coming, but if there's one rule I live by, it's that there's always time for a game of beanbags/cornhole/lawn toss. Was it my fault I went on a three-game run in the dying light?

In all seriousness, I could go on a solid twenty-minute rant about how beanbags embody everything people dream about in a city neighborhood, but even putting it into words cheapens the ease with which a spontaneous sidewalk shindig like this transcends whatever other categories we put ourselves in during the rest of the day. Suffice to say that when I'm old and grey, I will reminisce fondly about it, and if I possessed any literary talent, I'd write a short story about it and read it at the Franklin Park Reading Series.

For those who haven't yet experienced the beanbags, come and join in the fun! The ringleaders are now on twitter (@bkbeanbags) to let you know when they'll be playing, including this evening. They've also got a lovely photoset, linked above. Games take place out in front of LaunchPad on Franklin just south of Park.

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  1. Thanks Nick! "Beanbags embody everything people dream about in a city neighborhood..." That's how I feel too!

    I put instructions here for anybody who doesn't use Twitter but wants to get a text message when we're playing.