Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mmmmmm . . .

The eggplant slice at A Slice of Brooklyn is an odd little thing of beauty, a quirky little play on the standard-slice-as-culinary-platform motif. It's a funny-looking ensemble: a quartet of mini-rollatini that appear to have fallen off a platter of hors d'ouevres at a black-tie gala, sitting somewhat incongruously atop one of the Slice's fine plain slices, but it works. $3. Mmmmm . . .


  1. I love the guys and their pizza at a slice of brooklyn!

  2. I wish their pizza was better. They're nice people and the place has a good vibe. Unfortunately the sauce they use tastes like mexican salsa that would go better with chips than a slice. On the odd occasion that I do order from them, the response I get from friends is always the same: "It's weird, right? I mean I can eat it, but it's weird."

    I live two blocks away, but order from Mike's on Bedford that makes the tastiest pie I've tried in the area. Sorry Slice of Brooklyn, I want you to be my local. Maybe some day you'll prove me wrong.

  3. Love that place. My current fav is spinach and fresh garlic. mmmm...

    Also, how does it make you feel that you get lots more comments on your food-related posts than on the seriousness of the shootings and other events in our neighborhood?

  4. Not speaking for ILFA, but as an avid reader and sometimes commenter, I think we don't get enough chances to talk about the things we *love* about our neighborhood. I have an opinion on crime, but feel relatively powerless to do much about it. I do, however, feel very empowered to talk about my local pizza joint...