Sunday, May 02, 2010

Colorful Crown Heights Weekend

So the first photo is actually from New York Avenue down in Flatbush, but I got a kick out of the different shades of red that each brick row house had been painted. The second photo is to let everyone know that The Pulp and The Bean is now carrying a delicious red velvet cupcake, which means it is possible not only to purchase such a thing on Franklin, but to compare red velvet cupcakes (Lily & Fig also serves one). They're also carrying layer cakes, both in red velvet and blackout (above as well) and in keeping with their Brooklyn-based philosophy, the cakes and cupcakes are all baked at Connecticut Muffin.

Meanwhile, Nostrand Park reported today on Lag BaOmer celebrations in Crown Heights, which one could reasonable compare to the West Indian American Day Carnival, only for the Chabad-Lubavitch crowd. For more photos of the festivities, which included a massive bonfire last night and a parade in costume today, click here.