Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Court Officers Training Academy Coming to Prospect Heights

The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) plans to spend approximately $28 million over the next 3 years to turn the former St. Teresa's School complex into a Court Officers Training Academy, to be operated by the state's Office of Court Administration. The three structures, which include a sizeable auditorium as well as a former school and convent, sit along Classon Avenue between St. John's and Sterling, one block south of St. Teresa's parish church, with which they were once affiliated. Having housed several different catholic schools since their construction almost a century ago, the buildings will see 53,000 square feet renovated to inlcude "classrooms, multi-purpose/general assembly area, exercise/fitness/training spaces, locker rooms, shower facilities, offices, administrative/office spaces, lodging and dining accommodations" for trainees. For more information on plans, click here.


  1. this is excellent news. That auditorium has been an eyesore for a long time.

    ...but my dreams of doing urban spelunking in it must now be abandoned.


  2. Thank goodness. That place (in Crown Heights) is an eyesore.

  3. Is that Crown Heights? Franklin certainly is, but people I've talked to seem split on Classon. Are there historic boundaries?

  4. According to what I just found via Wikipedia

    "Crow Hill was in reality a succession of hills extending along the southerly side of Eastern
    Parkway running east & west from Utica to Classon Avenue & south to Empire Blvd & New York Ave,
    originally this was applied to the Utica Ave"[1]

    So that would certainly mean that its Crown Heights, but just barely. Debating these lines is an old sport though. My sense is that Classon has become part of Prospect Heights through real estate listings, but then again real estate listings often named neighborhoods to begin with.

    [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Heights,_Brooklyn

  5. I'm not sure if it's in Crown Heights, but I live on Bedford, which is, and I walk past this building all the time and constantly think what a shame it is. I'm very happy to hear they'll be renovating it. Thanks for the update!

  6. To the extent Wiki can be considered credible, it puts the western boundary of Crown Heights at Washington and the eastern boundary of Prospect Heights in the same street.

    To nat's point though - it is all debatable, particularly where real estate is concerned.

    I'm actually working with a partner on a documentary called "Gentrifying Brooklyn: The Buying, Selling, and Repackaging of Crown Heights." We've done a LOT of research on this topic and on the neighborhood's history. You would be surprised some of the interesting factoids we've dug up.

    In any event, a preview of the film will be showing at Five Myles on June 19th. More later.

  7. As a person who went to this school during the 80's it's very disappointing to see what this old gym and school had become but with time all things change at least they are doing something positive with it

  8. It is now 6 years and the Accademy is still not open ??!!