Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tiny Urban Park!

This is a great idea. Local architect Lana Zellner has taken the initiative to beautify a corner of our neighborhood, the formerly vacant lot on the southeast corner of St. Mark's and Classon, next to the old Jewish Hospital. Dubbed Tiny Urban Park, the project is already underway -- Lana and her partner Ellen have cleaned, weeded, re-arranged the piles of rocks and concrete in the lot, and even planted the first flowers, as you can see on their blog -- but they need some community support to truly realize their vision (layout above). As LaunchPad did with great success a few months ago, they've started a Kickstarter page and set a fundraising goal of $650, though they could probably use more like $1,000. Nonetheless, this is a VERY small amount for such a huge benefit to the neighborhood, which, based on my extremely complicated econometric analysis (reproduced here) would certainly improve the quality of life by at least a dollar for well over 1,000 people.

In all seriousness, think about how nice it would be to have a little park right there, adding color and birdsong and the aroma of fresh flowers and soil to your day, providing a lovely summery place to wait for your laundry to finish spinning next door, and just generally making the area look good. Would you pay a dollar or two to make it happen? Absolutely! So click here and make a donation. One of the very first posts I ever wrote for this site was about the incredible bang-to-buck ratio that communities can reap from vest-pocket parks and gardens like this one, and I remain as much a believer as ever.

On that note, mark your calendar for next Sunday, May 16, when the Crow Hill Community Association will be leading a team to re-plant the wooden planters along Franklin in the morning and then clean up the vacant lot at 730 Franklin in the afternoon. Hopefully the CHCA will be able to create another Tiny Urban Park in that space, too.

P.S. - For those who clicked the silly link about my econometric analysis, I know that Einstein was a physicist, but he came up quick in my Google image search for "equation" and he's just too cute to pass up.


  1. This is great... pop-up parks are an awesome idea. Anyone think these people could convince whoever owns that lot on the corner of Franklin and Prospect Place to move their boat and plant a garden in there? Ha.

    This is off topic, but has anyone noticed what's going in one bldg. south of Dutch Boy Burger? It looked like something was happening in there when I walked past on Saturday.