Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two Crime Updates

First, longtime resident and local blogger Brooklyn Born was mugged last weekend, and has an insightful post up here. I don't care who you are, being mugged is f--king awful (it's an experience I've shared, though thankfully not on these particular streets), and I salute Brooklyn Born for having the courage to post about it, and make a positive contribution to the ongoing dialogue about crime in the area, so soon after the fact.

Secondly, Susan Boyle (no, not her) posted this excellent comment today recommending that we all get on the phone to the 77th Precinct and let them know we want this crime wave addressed. I should add that contacting local pols (did anyone get to Councilwoman James's Informational Meeting tonight?) is another good way to encourage people with power to invest in keeping our neighborhood safe.


  1. I did not get to the meeting, but I have had several email exchanges with Councilwoman James and she has been extremely responsive. My sense is that she cares a lot and will work with the community to improve the situation and pressure the police to do more. Her email address is I encourage others to email her, express your concern, and ask for her opinion about what we can do.

  2. I just emailed her. Thanks Paula for posting Council Woman James' email address. Please, everyone who follows this blog get involved, contact council woman James and the 77th precinct. A strong message needs to be sent that the increase in violence is unacceptable and must be dealt with. I know that I can't live in this neighborhood anymore without saying something and just hoping that a stray bullet doesn't hit me, one of my family members or friends.

  3. My boyfriend and I were assaulted last night (Sunday night May 30th) on New York Ave by a large group of teenagers who delievered only kicks and punches to the head and dragged us between cars and the street so the passing cars couldn't see us. Only reason we are alive and kicking this morning is because a car DID see us and stopped and pulled us into their vehicle to get away.

    It took the 77th over an HOUR to show up and I had to call 4 times. Of course the kids were no longer on the street though they did use our call as an excuse to call in at least 20 cops to break up a Bergen Street block party.

    Be careful now that its warmer guys. I'll be emailing Council Woman James, thanks for putting this up.