Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brooklyn's Mr. Softee Headquarters

I was riding through Canarsie/Spring Creek for work when, coming up Louisiana Avenue, I saw a Mr. Softee truck pulling out of what looked to be an industrial site. Upon closer inspection, the lot appeared to be the nesting grounds for several dozen Mr. Softee trucks, some of which were queuing up at the edge of a building (I assumed this was for ice cream refueling, though I could be completely mistaken, particularly since I was picturing something from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) before heading out on their rounds. I wasn't able to confirm this location at their official site, but I did enjoy the wikipedia article, which included the words to the ubiquitous jingle, a thrash metal cover of the tune, and the Eddie Murphy ice cream skit from Delirious.

In the time it took me to stop and take this photo, at least two trucks pulled out, which leads me to believe the Mr. Softee dispatcher was wise to the half-day at the end of the NYC public school year. By the time I was pedaling home up E. 98th Street, I was passing trucks crowded with kids shrieking gleefully. Sure, I'm supposed to be in the youth health business, but there is a time and a place for everything, and the last day of school is a time for ice cream.


  1. Tip: Do NOT spend an evening memorizing the lyrics to the Mr. Softee song. Because it's hard enough to get the tune out of your head...but once you know the words? Forget about it. You will be singing it for days at a time. I regret knowing the lyrics immensely.

    S-O-F-T-Double E, Mr. Softee.