Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Saturday: Sterling Free-For-All

I just heard from the organizers of the upcoming "Sterling Free-For-All" Art Fair, which is taking place in the lot on the southeast corner of Sterling and Franklin (the site of last year's Franklin Flea) this Saturday from 1-6pm. If you're a local artist who'd like to show your work, email SterlingFFA [at] gmail [dot] com. The following is from the organizers (incidentally, does anyone know if the Flea will be returning this summer? From what they say, it doesn't look like it):

Sterling Free-for-all is a DIY community art fair happening Saturday, June 12th, from 1-6pm. Chris VanDoren and a few other Pratt students who graduated last year are organizing the event, which is open to anyone. Chalk draw where you please, see live performances, a video projection "tent", enjoy object making workshops, a storytelling booth, some free food, and art on display. The event is free and nothing is being sold there. I am still hoping for more artists to participate and show their works off and/or perform; they can email me here and arrange what they need to do so.

I was looking around for an unrented storefront to use for a pop-up gallery, after reading about them online and attending a few shows in similar spaces. This space was available (though I believe it is no longer being lent to anyone for the summer) and seemed all the better for being so open. Hope the weather is good!


  1. Hi Nick. I'm writing on behalf of all of us who took part in last summer's Franklin Ave. Flea. Unfortunately, the owner of the lot at Franklin & Sterling informed us a few weeks ago that she does NOT want anyone using the lot this summer, so we have had to scramble for a new place to hold our marketplace.

    We are working on securing a permit to set up our marketplace along Eastern Parkway, on the north side of the street, between Franklin & Bedford. We're expecting several of the vendors from last summer's Franklin Flea to be on hand for another great season. Of course, I'll send you the details as soon as it's official!

    In the meanwhile, The Pour Gourmet will be a proud participant in the Eat Healthy/Eat Local Fair on Sat. June 26 (details:

    We are also preparing to participate in the Prospect Heights Flea in McNair Park (just east of the Brooklyn Museum). Dates to follow.

    As always, thank you for all the excellent neighborhood news and updates.

    Best wishes,
    Ayelet and Jason
    The Pour Gourmet

  2. Here is the flier for the event, listing some of the happenings:

    Thank you very much!

  3. Hey Nick,

    If you and your friends have time, check us out at McNair Park this Saturday. We'll be unleashing the "All-Stars" with no high-fructose corn syrup, and no GMOS, and nearly 100% organic. (In other words, we're kind of stoked). While we have no new recipes to unveil currently, our strategy has been to take our current products to a new level of healthiness in order to address the dietary problems endemic to Crown Heights. I hope to see you there, and rest assured there's some raspberry lemonade with your name on it--Best, Jason

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