Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reading Series TOMORROW!

Can't seem to find a way out of NYC for a summer vacation? Come one, come all, to the Franklin Park Reading Series' 2nd annual Travels and Journeys night, tomorrow (Monday) at 8pm. This particular event has won mentions from Time Out New York, the Daily News, New York Magazine, and the high temple of American fiction, the New Yorker, so you know it's worth checking out. Your readers will be:

Teddy Wayne (who was great last year at this time, by the way, which is to say he was a great reader, which is not always the same thing as being a great writer, though, in this case, he's both)
Deanna Fei
Aaron Lake Smith
Tai Allen

Kudos as always to Penina for putting together such a great night. Remember to enter through Dutch Boy Burger, and to ask for the drink specials!

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