Monday, July 26, 2010

The Result: Snubbr - ILFA Poetry Contest!

These kids slugged it out in the bouncy-boxing ring on Saturday at the Kids Day, but over the past few weeks, eleven poets have dueled on this comment thread for some (rather minimal) bragging rights and, more importantly, a gift certificate to Coldstone courtesy of our sponsor, product recommendation website Snubbr. After many a false promise and delay, our secret committee (I swear it didn't involve a dartboard) gives you the winner, Rosemeg's Acrostic:

Acrostic? Acrostic!

Hot as hell from
Eastern Parkway to
Atlantic Avenue
Time slipping slow,
Water in flow from wrenched open hydrants.
All the city sighing, all of us
Vying for cool breeze, the sweet, lazy ease of
Evening shade on leafy streets, for night's relief from this crazy heat.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a poem -- they were fantastic, far beyond what I expected (which was two or three haikus and maybe a naughty limerick - and for the record, the haiku we did get was great, and damn near won). I'll be posting them all throughout the rest of the summer, and if you send me a way to get it to you, I'll send along a genuine I Love Franklin Ave sticker when they're ready in a month or so.

As to the poem our committee picked, one of our nameless members mentioned that it grew on him like a fungus, and I wholeheartedly agree: at first, it's a humble little acrostic, a child's game, no? But read it aloud -- there's a satisfying cadence that picks up as it rolls along, with a sweet little couplet hidden in the final lines:

of evening shade on leafy streets,
for night's relief from this crazy heat.

Who'd have thought? I like it - it's sneaky, it's fun, it's summery, and it's got skills tucked confidently away beneath a no-frills exterior. What could be more Crown Heights than that?


  1. I love the winning poem! very very clever.

  2. Oh Wow -- thanks! I've always wanted to create something sneaky, fun, and summery that is also like a fungus. I'm very flattered, especially since I really liked a lot of the other poems. Thanks for the contest!

  3. Congrats! Get in touch by email to claim your prize.