Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Fun: Kids Day and More!

(Kids play ball on Pacific Street last week)

The Franklin Avenue Kids Day should be a great show tomorrow, barring too many thunderstorms. Volunteers get there at 9, kids start showing up at 10. The event has gotten some nice buzz on local news channels, and Kevin from About Time had a nice profile in AMNewYork on Thursday, though I can't find it online to save my life.

For adults who want to relive their childhoods, LaunchPad will be showing the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (vastly superior to the Tim Burton remake, and a movie that you actually remember fondly from your childhood, instead of from some crappy date) at their semi-regular, totally free movie night. They've even got an old-school popcorn machine, and you can booze, too!

Finally, my heartfelt apologies to all poets who posted their work to the ILFA/Snubbr Poetry Contest. I said I'd have the results on Monday, instead, I will have them tomorrow, just in time for the 100 degree day that's forecast. Thanks to everyone who participated, I really enjoyed your work (and when I'm on vacation in August, I'm going to cheat-blog by just posting your poems at random)!

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